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Customer Service: What is in it for me?

Posted by Meredith Estep on Wed, Oct 21, 2009 @ 02:50 PM


Often when I tell people that I work in customer service, I get the same reaction. People look at me with pity saying how hard that job must be, and how they could never do it. I always let them know that I absolutely love my job because I do not have to help people every day; I get to help people every day. There are so many things customer service reps get out of their jobs; it only takes having the right attitude about it.

One thing I get out of my job is a feeling of joy when I am able to solve a problem for a client. Even if they do not thank me, I know they are happy to have the issue resolved. One thing to keep in mind is that not every client is going to say "thank you", but they are usually very grateful for your services.

A great way to measure customer satisfaction is through surveys. My company provides a final section for the client to leave any feedback, positive or negative, in their own words. We encourage our reps to read these from time to time so we can grow and learn how to assist our clients better. Sometimes I will review these surveys and keep a copy of any positive feedback at my desk. Re-reading it helps to get me out of a slump if I am having a bad day because I know that client took time out of their day to let us know how happy they are with our services.

Working in customer service and getting to assist people every day also helps build relationships with those clients. This is beneficial on the company level as it will usually keep them coming back to you. This is also valuable to the customer service reps because it helps build rapport with repeat customers. I love hearing a rep across the room answering the phone and saying "it's my favorite customer!" to the caller. This helps the caller know they will be taken care of quickly and with care by the rep. It also makes the rep's job of solving the problem that much more enjoyable for them.

I have grown a lot by working in customer service. I have developed more patience and the ability to work with many types of personalities. I enjoy the fact that I am able to help our clients every day. My hope is even if our client has a problem that requires the need to call our Help Desk that we can make it the highlight of their day. Excellent customer service can be mutually beneficial for the caller and the rep; all it takes is the right attitude!

- Amanda Browning

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