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A Guide to Explaining Jargon – For Tech Industry Service Reps

Posted by Meredith Estep on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 05:17 PM

dreamstime 5078516 TechnologyOne of the most challenging components to serving customers in the tech industry is finding ways to explain complex technology in ways customers can understand. However, strong communication is essential if you want your tech customers to trust and build a relationship with your business. These tips will help you communicate even the most complex concepts to customers with minimal frustration and misunderstanding.

Consider Your Customer’s Perspective

First and foremost, consider your customer’s point of view when explaining technical subjects to him. Determine what the customer specifically wants to know and why he wants to know it. He may not have a technical background, but he is an expert in his own industry. Keep that fact in mind as you discuss technology with him, so you can relate your explanation to his specific industry.

Give Customer a Chance to Ask Questions

One common issue customers have with tech service providers is that they rarely offer opportunities for customers to ask questions as they go through their explanations. Customers may need to clarify many different points as you convey information about a tech issue. Offer opportunities for her to do so by pausing, or asking specifically if she has any questions.

Talk at Customer’s Level

If you talk over a customer’s head, he becomes frustrated, but if you talk down to him, he is insulted. Finding the happy medium isn’t always easy. A good starting point is to avoid a lot of technical language, jargon and acronyms commonly used in your profession. At the same time, avoid talking to a customer as though he is a child, using oversimplified language and tone that could come across as condescending.

Highlight Benefits of Technology, Not Features

When you list of features of technology, it can quickly become confusing for a customer who is not familiar with technical lingo and products. However, the customer will be well versed in what she needs her technology to do, so focus on the benefits she will receive from your product. This will ensure your customer gets the best product for her needs, even if she doesn’t understand the details of every feature that accompanies the product.

Use Analogies to Illustrate Complex Concepts

When you must explain a complex concept to a customer, try using an analogy that is more familiar. First, explain the actual technical process; then look for a real life example of something that works in a similar fashion. By the same token, you can compare new technology with technology he currently works with to highlight the features of the newer product.

Make Sure Your Customer is Left with Understanding

At the end of your technical explanation, ask your customer if she understands. You might even ask her to repeat the explanation back in her own words to ensure she heard you correctly. Watch for body language as well. If her face has a puzzled expression, she may still be in the dark, even though she told you understood.

Helping customers understand complex technology can be challenging. By tackling the issue from the customer’s point of view, you are more likely to get your information across in a professional, courteous and clear manner.

- Meredith Estep

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