The IHD ServiceDesk Application Support Service provides support for applications that are actively used to keep your institution or organization running smoothly.  IHD ServiceDesk can provide technical support for standard off-the-shelf software applications and proprietary applications.  We also provide exceptional front-line hardware diagnosis and escalation services.

IHD ServiceDesk has proven experience in delivering quality U.S-based software application support to higher education institutions and organizations across the US that need support 24 x 7 x 365. The application support service we provide includes:

  • Basic User Administration (including password resets, etc.)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 live support availability
  • Tier 1 Support, with our valued clients setting the priority level for each support call. This allows the response time commitment to be dictated by the clients’ specific needs.
  • An extensive knowledge database of the latest support solutions, including common questions and answers, bug and patch descriptions and technical notes to fulfill requests.

To support our processes, IHD ServiceDesk utilizes a tiered client support system, tracking and prioritizing client issues according to the level of support required. Specialized call-tracking methods are used to monitor the results of each call received and identify its current status.

IHD ServiceDesk also employs an effective problem escalation process to ensure that clients’ needs are being met.  Questions that cannot be resolved by the first-line support are escalated either to a second-line engineer who has an in-depth knowledge regarding the problem at hand or to the specific application vendor engineer for further diagnosis. The first line support personnel, in conjunction with the second-line engineer or vendor engineer, will work diligently to provide quick resolution or, at a minimum, find the customer a viable work-around until permanent correction can be developed.

The first-line support personnel will document the problem, the duration, the tasks performed, and the resolution; and confirm with the customer that the problem has been resolved. The first-line support personnel is responsible for closely following the progression of the ticket and making sure that the second-line engineer or vendor engineer is providing assistance to the customer in a timely manner.