No matter your product or service, ongoing support is needed to make sure all support requests are resolved quickly.  IHD ServiceDesk asks as an extension of your support team or company to provide outstanding customer support.

IHD ServiceDesk can help your organization reduce costs through increased staff productivity and reduced call volume can enhance public perception of your organization by enabling faster and more accurate responses to people’s inquiries or requests for services. By extending and scaling your IT support team in a cost-effective manner, we can help you:

  • Deliver a seamlessly integrated, 24 x 7 support environment to your end users
  • Provide a flexible solution, that grows as necessary with departmental and organizational needs
  • Offer a central administration of all IT support across all disparate departments
  • Provide trend analysis on call types, categories of calls, department or divisional breakdowns, caller (company) usage and a variety of other statistical data
  • Lower costs by increasing the productivity of your support staff

IHD ServiceDesk can help you increase customer retention, increase staff productivity, and reduce costs. Contact us today to learn more!