Higher Education

With online learning programs growing in size and relevance, it’s critical for you to offer easily accessible, highly available services. Between your students and staff, there are endless IT challenges to deal with on a daily basis. By extending and scaling your IT support team in a cost-effective manner, we can help you:

  • Manage high volume inquiries like password resets and course availability
  • Remove barriers to teaching and learning by providing 24/7 technical support
  • Free IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives that facilitate teaching and learning
  • Provide scalable IT support in an increasingly technology- dependent environment
  • Provide specialized, dedicated faculty support to provide solutions 24/7

The technology you are expected to support grows more complex every year. And new technology means new demands for support from students, faculty, and staff.Whether it is ensuring uninterrupted support, managing on-campus resources or maintaining the technology infrastructure to keep the institution running, the demands on support personnel can be overwhelming. IHD ServiceDesk offers the perfect solution to provide the best possible help desk service for your educational environment.