Predictable and consistent delivery of support

IHD ServiceDesk utilizes a tiered client support system, tracking and prioritizing client issues according to the level of support required. Specialized call-tracking methods are used to monitor the results of each call received and identify its current status.

Highly-trained, empathetic staff

Our U.S. based Client Support Specialists pay great attention to detail, speak clearly, articulately and with a passion to exceed client expectations. Foreign language experts are available upon request.

Clearly defined SLAs

IHD ServiceDesk will utilize a Service Level Agreement contract to define the People, Products and Processes required to fulfill your expectations.  A sample of Service Level Agreement metrics are as follows:

•          Answer Time
•          Abandon Rates
•          Resolution Time
•          First Call Resolution
•          Response Times
•          Escalation Matrix
•          Reporting Structure
•          Products Supported