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5 Rules Every Customer Service Company Needs

Posted by Meredith Estep on Wed, May 11, 2016 @ 12:03 PM

--ufp1-generaldocs-ihd_services-images_for_blog-dreamstime_8762191.jpgHiring good customer service reps is only half the battle – once you have these employees on staff, it is important to be clear in your expectations of their performance. One way to define what you expect from your CSRs, and hold them accountable for their actions, is to create a list of rules that make up your customer service philosophy for your business. We have five rules of customer engagement every business needs if they are serious about putting their customers first.


Greet Customers with a Smile


Smiling is such a small, simple rule, but it has a profound impact on setting the stage for a positive customer experience. It is also somewhat shocking to see just how many companies do not bother to make this nicety significant.


When a customer walks into your business, the rule should be that employees drop what they are doing to greet a customer, smiling and calling the customer by name if possible. Even a customer coming in with a complaint is more likely to leave their exchange on a positive note if it is begun with the right attitude.


Listen to Their Problems


Customers come into your business looking for a solution, whether they are making a purchase or voicing a complaint about a previous experience with your company. Make it a rule to actively listen to what the customer has to say, so your employees do a better job of identifying the customer’s issue and providing the solution that fits the bill perfectly. CSRs should be discouraged from interrupting customers or completing other tasks while a customer is talking to them.


Never Pass the Buck


Even if the customer’s problem was not your fault, they want you to offer a solution. What they don’t want is excuses as to why the issue occurred in the first place. Customers also don’t want to be passed off to another department when a problem arises. Instead, the rule should be that whoever begins the exchange with the customer now “owns” the issue and is responsible for seeing it through to its logical and satisfactory conclusion.


Give More than you are Asked


It’s one thing to meet customer expectations, but it’s quite another to actually exceed them. If you want your business to get serious about offering five-star service to customers, you must focus on the latter. This means customer service reps must be on the lookout for ways to surprise and delight your customers every single day, with faster, friendlier and more efficient service options.


Follow Up without Fail


The customer experience should not end when your customer walks out your door. Instead, implement a rule for follow-up with customers to ensure they were satisfied with their experience and find out if they require any additional services. An added bonus is that customer follow-up often means a bigger bottom line, since many customers will make additional purchases as a result of this effort.


Customer service is an essential component of any business that wants to be competitive in the marketplace today. With these rules in place, you can rest assured your service employees are prepared to offer the highest quality of service to your customers every single day. 

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